Equistor provides a SaaS solution to accelerate value creation in portfolio companies and improve monitoring for private equity firms, investors and corporate headquarters. Our unique approach supports investors, executives and, deal and operations teams with a common platform to monitor the performance of portfolio companies and improve decision-making based on sophisticated real-time reporting.

Creating value with strategic initiatives depends on (post-acquisition) planning and execution. Equistor offers a unique approach for private equity firms and corporate headquarters to support planning of operational improvements and monitor progress on value creation.

Equistor enables private equity professionals and corporate executives to introduce a proven framework and keep execution of strategic initiatives on track. The transparency provided at portfolio level will enhance analysis and modelling by the private equity firm or corporate team resulting in in-depth understanding and improved strategic decision-making.

Equistor is a start-up venture formed in 2013 and located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


Custom Reports

Our experienced in-house professionals translate your preferences into reports.


Equistor provides comprehensive training for users to become quickly familiar with the features of the application.


Equistor and their partners provide management consultancy focused on strategic initiatives.

PMO Services

Hands-on management to support portfolio companies to setup and manage strategic initiatives.

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